As the world responds to the outbreak of COVID-19, our thoughts are with the countless number of people in India, who lost their jobs during the lockdown, with no means & resources to procure basic necessary things for survival. We tied up with local NGOs in Jodhpur to feed the poor families & daily wage workers, and distributed around 750 packets everyday, containing basic food & essentials, until the lockdown lasted (almost a month and a half). Each packet was filled with supplies (lentils, rice, wheat flour, oil, tea, sugar, spices and soap) that lasted a week for a family of four people.

As we were focusing to help people in need, many of our business associates and customers joined along with generous amount of donations to keep the support growing. At Infiniti India, we are always positively open to extend our support for a cause like this.

corporate social responsibility


Infiniti India has planted many trees in the industrial area where our factory is located, as well as various areas around Jodhpur.

corporate social responsibility
corporate social responsibility

Green Processes

Infiniti India always cares about the environment and ensures green practices. More than 80% of our electricity consumption is produced by solar energy. While we try to give back to the environment as much as we can, we also have an ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) installed to reuse the industrial waste water.

solar power

Solar Power

waste water treatment

Waste water treatment